Frequently Asked Questions

Is there really NO water involved?

NO. You can use the cleaned carpet straight away. No drying time needed!

Do you quote over the phone?

No professional carpet cleaner should quote on the phone. Every quote is unique and depends on several factors such as:

  • The level of soiling in the carpet?
  • If the stains set or non-set?
  • What type of fibre your carpet is made from?
  • How much furniture is there to move?
This is why we have to view the room(s) so we can give you the cheapest quote possible.

Do you charge by the room?

We charge by the square foot. This means you only get charged for the area that you want cleaned. You may only want high traffic areas cleaned or may not want to move some furniture. Charging by the room could mean you would be paying for areas that you don't have cleaned.

Are you insured?

Yes, we are covered with a million pounds insurance.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes, we give you a 100% money back guarantee! If you are not happy, we will re-clean for free and if you are still not happy with the results we will refund your money. The reason we can give you such an iron clad guarantee is down to the fact we don't quote on the phone. We come to visit you and assess all the areas to be cleaned. If we think there may be a problem area, we will tell you.

Does your system remove stains?

We can remove most stains but there is a difference between a set stain and a non-set stain. A set stain is just that, set into the fibre and no cleaning system can remove it. On a non-set stain we will always use solvent and detergent free products to remove them, but occasionally we may not be able to remove the stain if it is set.

How is TLC Dry Organic Cleaning better than wet cleaning?

Wet cleaning can cause problems like shrinkage, seam splitting, bad odours, wick back etc.... Water and steam systems are not able to clean deep into the carpets base and so when walked on, soiling quickly returns to the surface. Pet odours are more often made worse following a wet clean. We all love our four legged family members but your carpets don't have to smell like a 'damp doggy' or a 'soggy moggy'! DRY cleaning removes soiling and stains whilst lifting the pile to give a soft pleasant smelling deep clean carpet.

What areas do you cover?

TLC Services has now expanded to East Sussex and now covers Eastbourne, Brighton and surrounding areas.

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